Andy Holt on the issues

ECONOMY: As a Business-Economics instructor at Bethel University and small-town farmer, Andy knows and understands the devastating impact Obama’s economic policies have had across America. This is why Andy has spent every day in Nashville fighting so hard to bring good paying jobs to our District, slashing wasteful spending and cutting your taxes. At a time when companies are fleeing America due to Obama’s reckless policies, Andy has helped to convince overseas companies to move to our District, which is no easy task given the current economic climate. Regardless of Obama’s policies, and due in part to Andy’s leadership in Tennessee, our State jumped ten spots this year alone to become the 6th friendliest State in America when it came to supporting businesses that have brought good paying jobs to our District.

EDUCATION: Andy believes strongly in quality education for our children, which is why he has fought to turn power and money away from the federal government and back to our local school districts. Andy believes that our families and teachers know what’s best for our children, not federal bureaucrats and lobbyists. This is why he has fought so hard to stop Common Core. Furthermore, as a Business-Economics professor, Andy has provided guidance to thousands of students so that they may continue to ensure Tennessee remains a prosperous State full of opportunity for all that seek it.

HEALTHCARE: Under Obamacare, health care costs have skyrocketed 62% for many Tennesseans. Furthermore, thousands of Tennesseans have lost their health insurance, many doctors now refuse to take new insurance plans mandated by President Obama, and a price-tag that was suppose to save our country billions of dollars, is now costing our country so much that the federal government literally cannot calculate it. Andy has fought to stop Obamacare in Tennessee by sponsoring legislation that utilizes anti-commandeering doctrine which has been handed down by 180 years of precedent. At the same time, Andy has fought for increased access to health care through market competition, slashed wasteful spending on healthcare costs by encouraging more efficient practices and has fought for health care insurance reform that would actually reduce the cost of your health care.

CONSTITUTION: Andy fights each day in Nashville as our State Representative to ensure that the Tennessee State Constitution and the United States Constitution form the foundation of our government. Andy believes deeply in the rule of law, not men, which is why he fights to ensure our Constitutions are protected from those who wish to harm them. Andy has ensured that Tennessee is protected from a lawless, disobedient, burdensome and unconstitutional federal government. Thomas Jefferson once said that the Tenth Amendment was the “backbone of the Constitution”, and that it ensured the State’s power to keep the federal government in check when it no longer acted within its legally delegated authority. To fight back against Obamacare, the NSA, Obama’s attempt to take our firearms, the EPA and more, Andy has made the Tenth Amendment the backbone of many pieces of his legislation.

VALUES: Andy works to ensure that our community’s values are central to the mark we leave on this Earth. He and his wife Ellie are currently raising their family four children on the family farm in Dresden. On Church days and nights, Andy serves Long Heights Baptist Church as a Deacon. Andy believes strongly in the right to life and traditional family values.

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