State Rep. Andy Holt (R-District 76)

State Rep. Andy Holt (R-District 76)

DRESDEN, Tenn., May 19, 2016— Citing California’s hostile environment towards 2nd Amendment supporters, Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt (R-Dresden), who recently passed Tennessee’s first campus carry law, is inviting all California firearms, ammunition, and weapon accessories manufactures to pack their bags and relocate in Tennessee.

“Perhaps no other state in America has a more hostile attitude towards these hard-working entrepreneurs that have dedicated their lives to protecting the backbone of our Constitution,” said Holt. “Why anyone would want to continue to do business in California is beyond me, but that is especially true for California firearms, ammunition and weapon accessories manufactures.”

Holt cites the State of Tennessee’s proven track record with the firearms industry as one of the reasons why companies should seriously consider making the move.

“I look at companies like SureFire, Excel Arms, Accu-Tek Firearms, FMK  and others in California and know for a fact that the benefits they’d receive by moving to Tennessee are incalculable,” said Holt. “Beretta USA just recently made the move to Tennessee because of Maryland’s  hostility, and I know for a fact that we welcomed them with open arms.”

Holt points to gun retailers in California who just won a costly court battle after one county ordinance sought to put them out of business as the latest example of hostility.

“I want these companies to know that our door is open, and they won’t have to worry about court battles, unfair taxation, outrageous licensing fees, etc. here in the State of Tennessee,” said Holt. “I know plenty of people right here in my neighborhood that would love nothing more than to call SureFire  and others like them our neighbors, and we’ve got plenty of room for them here in North West Tennessee. We’re one of the top states in America to do business in. They’d be crazy not to come.”

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