Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden) Endorses Jay Reedy, Proves Liberal Democrat Andy Porch Is A Liar Who Is Profiting Off Of Tax-Payer Dollars Through Obamacare

October 19, 2016— Democrat Andy Porch, candidate for State Representative District 74, is running one of the most dishonest campaigns in Tennessee history. Of course, Porch is simply taking notes from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who believe voters are too ignorant to see past their lies. Before voters head to the polls in Houston, Humphreys and part of Montgomery County, they need to know the facts.

The Porch Family Houseboat...

The Porch Family Houseboat…

Porch has made many false claims about conservative Republican State Representative Jay Reedy, who has been fighting the Clinton-Obama agenda here in Tennessee.

  1. Porch says that Jay Reedy cost the State of Tennessee $2.5 billion because he didn’t support expanding Obamacare. This is a lie. Jay Reedy never even had the chance to vote on the Obamacare expansion because it never came up for a vote.
  2. Furthermore, Andy Porch must be using Common Core math. Last we checked, the US government is almost $20 Trillion in debt, and there isn’t a magic pot of gold sitting in Washington DC. Every penny we take out only adds to the national debt. If Tennessee had expanded Obamacare, this would’ve put our nation an additional $2.5 billion in debt. We understand that liberal Democrats like Porch and Clinton don’t care about our children’s financial wellbeing, but we do.
  3. What Andy Porch isn’t telling you is the most disgusting part of his lies. You see, Andy Porch is a partner at a big time insurance company. When your healthcare costs go up, Porch makes more money. The truth is, Andy Porch wants to expand Obamacare so badly because putting our country $2.5 billion more into debt actually puts a ton of cash into his own pocket. So, while you struggle to pay your rising healthcare bills thanks to Obamacare, Andy Porch makes more cash and kicks back on the family houseboat for a day on the lake.
  4. Andy Porch is the worst kind of politician. He’s running to put more tax-payer money in his own pocket by putting our country billions of dollars more into debt. He even tells everyone the main reason he’s running for office is to expand Obamacare, and now you know why he wants to expand it so badly.
  5. Andy Porch also blatantly lied about a Houston County property tax hike by trying to place blame on Reedy. Porch says the property tax hike was a result of Jay Reedy not supporting the Obamacare expansion. However, the tax hike was approved in September, 2014. Jay Reedy wasn’t even in office at the time. In fact, Reedy didn’t become an elected official until the House of Representatives went into Session in January, 2015. This is when Obamacare expansion was first proposed, which Reedy never even had the chance to vote on because it died in the Senate. The truth is, the tax-hike was approved by liberals in the County Commission. Reedy wasn’t even in office. Even if he was in office, he’s a State Representative, not a County Commissioner.

SHARE the truth about Andy Porch to keep this Hillary Clinton ally out of office. We need legislators with integrity. Jay Reedy is a friend of mine, who I have served with on the House Agriculture committee for the past 2 years. If you want to know the truth, I’ll be happy to tell you. Don’t fall for the lies of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt party.

-State Representative Andy Holt



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