SOUTH FULTON, Tenn., April 14, 2017– This week, it was announced that ColorCoat Inc. would bring a $600k investment and dozens of new jobs to Northwest Tennessee.

“We are excited about opening the newest branch of ColorCoat Inc. in the state of Tennessee,” ColorCoat, Inc. CEO Mario Bekeris said. “Everyone here has been so welcoming and helpful. We thank you all for your hospitality and look forward to becoming part of the community of South Fulton.”

ColorCoat’s new facility will be used to paint vinyl and fiberglass windows and doors. With this new facility, ColorCoat will be better equipped to service its customers and the surrounding states.

“We’re so grateful that ColorCoat Inc. has decided to invest in a community that we love so much, said State Rep. Andy Holt. “We look forward to partnering with them to ensure their needs are met. I know they’ll find Northwest Tennessee to be a wonderful new home for their expansion. Thank you to Mayor Lamb, Lindsay Frilling, and all others who made this possible.”

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