NASHVILLE, May 16, 2017– Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden) has passed legislation that codifies in statute that the POW/MIA flag will be flown over the Tennessee Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, the War Memorial Plaza & over the Tennessee State Capitol Building every day during the month of September.

“Although I don’t have many regrets in life, my deepest regret is having not served in uniform. I think I would have been a good soldier, but I never seized on that opportunity. That said, I approach the topic of our nation’s heroes as an outsider, but as an outsider with a 100% commitment to the group being observed,” said Holt.

“As a legislator, in small ways, by comparison, I can show appreciation for active duty & veteran members of our armed forces. I will always seize an opportunity to do something like this. Recognizing these men and women is a paramount obligation that I impose on myself & all other Americans and who have benefited from the dedication of those who serve in uniform,” said Holt. “Just as importantly, I think we should honor those who have never returned. Whether those individuals are still suffering as a prisoners of war, or were lost in the abyss of the ocean, on the floor of a lonely dark jungle or the hell of a sun-scorched desert, I think these heroes should be lionized for their virtuous contribution to the freedom & liberty enjoyed by every American.”

Holt asked Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville), a veteran himself, to carry the Senate companion bill to help make the legislation a reality.

“I came to Senator Green with this idea and he jumped at the opportunity. I want to thank him for being such an enthusiastic advocate for this and helping to ensure it became reality,” said Holt.

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