DRESDEN, Tenn., July 28, 2016—Conservative Northwest Tennessee State Representative  Andy Holt (R-Dresden) told countless supporters, earlier this Spring, that he wouldn’t run for the U.S. Congress seat being vacated by Congressman Stephen Fincher (R-Frog Jump). Holt did, however, say that he would work to ensure that a conservative representative would fill this important role in Washington.

With the election close at hand, and after meeting with each candidate numerous times, Holt has determined that one candidate simply does not align with the conservative values of West Tennessee Republicans. As a result, Holt is now calling on his supporters to avoid supporting current Shelby County Mayor, Mark Luttrell.

“When the most liberal media source [Commercial Appeal] in all of West Tennessee trips over themselves to endorse a candidate for a Republican Primary, you know something is wrong,” said Holt. “According to their endorsement, Luttrell supported Insure Tennessee, which was and is nothing more than a debt riddled expansion of socialized medicine. This program proposal reeks of an Obamacare-born agenda that, if implemented, will have a significant cost on all West Tennessee tax-payers. I found it funny that their endorsement tried to spin Insure Tennessee as not being Obamacare, yet Insure Tennessee couldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Obamacare. The media should be ashamed for trying to mislead voters, and Luttrell should be ashamed for supporting Obamacare. You can’t claim to be a conservative while supporting massive government spending and expanded government bureaucracy. This law has already cost tax-payers billions of dollars, and simply rebranding it to confuse people isn’t going to solve our healthcare problems. I simply cannot support someone that would mislead voters in such a way.”

Holt went on to repudiate the idea that Luttrell should be elected as the Republican nominee because of his willingness to “work across the aisle”.

“The Commercial Appeal endorsement of Luttrell praises him for wining and dining with President Obama and other Democrats,” said Holt.  “Their endorsement praises Luttrell because he won’t take a hardline stand for the 2nd Amendment like a conservative would. Their endorsement praises him because he won’t fight to stop the socialized healthcare agenda of the far left. That’s just not acceptable to a single real conservative Republican that I’ve ever met. Have you seen what happens in Congress when Republicans cross-over the aisle to work with Democrats? Virtually every single time it happens, our rights are taken away and our debt expands. It’s just not acceptable in our current political environment. We don’t need a Congressman that’s willing to jump across the aisle to expand government. We need a Congressman that’s willing to take a stand against the expansion of government coming from both sides of the aisle.”

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