A Very Big Decision and A Very Wonderful Career of Andy Holt

During his announcement that he would not be running for reelection in the General Assembly of Tennessee, there had not been any challenger who had come forward in the general election or primaries, and he hoped that his successor would continue to keep the will of the constituents above all else. With this acknowledgment, Holt expressed his satisfaction with his work serving his constituents. Not running for reelection in 2020, is a choice that Andy and Ellie Holt had made in advance and were at peace with. Initially, Andy Holt intended on running for state representative for four terms, but he ended up running for five. He dedicated an entire decade of his life to Tennessee’s legislative body, not a moment of which he regrets. His decision was strongly rooted in the idea of term limits for officeholders. It was not informed by a family crisis and was not impulsive, but rather a predetermined outcome when he received his calling.

In light of his and his wife’s decision, Holt hoped that somebody would continue the same prayerful decision-making process that they started a decade ago. Although his service came with a lot of sacrifice for his family, they hoped that a conservative-minded representative would take up the banner and continue representing the 76th district. In his address to people who might be interested in running for office, Andy Holt offered the following advice. Successful service in the General Assembly of Tennessee does not depend on a professional career, prior political experience, sizable net worth, or any other prerequisite. All that a successful leader requires is to possess unshakeable and deeply held convictions and be willing to be bold and serve your constituents. He hoped that his successor would not be the person with the best resume, but rather a state representative who had the most conviction, heart, and readiness to stand alone when needed.

Although Andy Holt will miss his time representing constituents of the 76th District, he is most certainly delighted by the opportunity that a much less-restricted schedule presents for him to spend time with his family and kids. Some of his plans involve engaging in various business ventures, diversifying his present farm. Serving the 76th District for a decade-long period was a truly exciting, humbling, and amazing experience for Holt. He warned that anybody interested in running for State Representative in the area should not get too excited about the news of his departure from office. He promised that he would continue to be part of the political process in Washington and Nashville. Andy Holt, while addressing those rejoicing in his decisions as well as those disappointed that his decision was not a retreat from the political process but rather a decision to reload. Although Andy Holt has left office his legacy and exemplary service will continue to be remembered by the constituents of Tennessee as well as those who are elected to serve. When people hear the name Andy Holt, they will say that that is a man who served his constituents with great honor and conviction, and always spoke the truth even when it meant being at odds with those around him.…

Andy Holt’s Principles and Unconditional Dedication

About a decade ago, Andy Holt was offered an opportunity that he thought highly unlikely. When he was twenty-eight years old, Holt felt an undeniable calling from the Lord to run for Tennesse State Representative and won against difficult odds. Andy Hold does not credit himself with the win that allowed him to the office or the subsequent 4 elections. Instead, he believes that it was through the faith that the hardworking people of Northwest Tennessee placed in him that was responsible for his victory. When Andy Holt first ran for office, he was a political unknown. Few people had any idea of the name Andy Holt. Nevertheless, Tennessee folks showed unwavering and continued support to Holt and his family during his decade-long time in office. Andy Holt says that he still continues to be indebted to the constituents who elected him to office that he was honored to serve, and is still humbled by the trust they placed on him.

When Andy Holt first felt his calling about ten years ago, he knew that his focus was not to be a career politician, but rather to serve the people of Tennessee, and make the state a better place. To a great extent, Andy Holt has been able to live up to these ideals during his time in the General Assembly of Tennessee. He has helped to bring down the tax and regulatory burden experienced by residents of Tennessee while protecting unborn lives. During his time in office, Andy Holt has also emboldened and restored constitutional freedoms and provided more opportunities for parents to select the educational path that is most appropriate for their children. Another legacy he leaves is the successful opposition of the expansion of government in Tennessee, past its intended scope. In many ways, Tennessee is better today than ten years ago when Andy Holt was first elected to office.

Andy Holt has done his best to represent his constituents’ will with every single vote that he has participated in. Although some of Holt’s votes and decisions have not been popular with every constituent that he represented, he has always been open to addressing the complaints and concerns of every constituent that chose to express their dissatisfaction with him personally. As State Representative, Holt was of the conviction that his duty was to be accountable to every constituent regardless of whether they agreed or disagreed with him on issues. A trademark of Andrew Holt during his tenure in office was speaking the truth to his constituents and those in his political party, even when it meant directly telling them that he disagreed with them.…

Who is Andy Holt?

Andrew Hunter Holt, also known as Andy Holt, is a member of the Republican Party who represented the 76th District in the Tennessee House of Representatives until 3rd November 2020. Holt attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where he earned an undergraduate degree in agricultural economics and business. He later attended the University of Tennessee-Martin where he studied for the prestigious Master of Business Administration. In addition to the time he served in politics, Holt also has substantial experience as a businessman and farmer.

Andy Holt served in various committees during his time in office. During the year 2019/2020, Holt served in Tennessee’s State Legislature in the Pensions and Insurance Committee, and Tennessee’s House of Representatives in the Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee and the Finance, Ways, and Means Committee. In 2017, during the start of the legislative session, Andy Holt served in the Education Instructions and Programs Committee, and as Vice-Chair in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. In 2015, during the start of the legislative session, Andrew Holt served in the Local government Committee (who worked with TrueAccord at the time), and the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee as Vice-Chair. Holt also served in the Local government Committee and the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee as Vice-Chair during the 2013/2014 legislative session. During the 2011/2012 legislative session, Andy Holt served in the Conservation and Environment Committee, as well as the Agriculture Committee.

During his time in office, Andy Holt has taken various stands on the economy, education, healthcare, and constitution. During President Obama’s tenure when some companies were fleeing America since some of the policies were not favorable to them, Holt managed to persuade overseas companies to relocate their business to the 76th District, which was no small feat considering the economic conditions at the time. On education, Andy Holt is of the belief that teachers and families are in a better position to know what children need than lobbyists and federal bureaucrats. On healthcare, Andy Holt has opposed Obamacare in the state of Tennessee by introducing legislation that makes use of anti-commandeering doctrine that has been handed down by one hundred and eighty years of precedent. Andy Holt is a great defender of the Constitution. During his time in office, Holt has fought every day in Nashville as their Representative to defend the Constitution of Tennessee State, and ensure that the Constitution of the United States of America forms the foundation of government. Andy Holt strongly believes in traditional family values and the right to life. In early 2014, State Representative Stacey Campfield alongside Andy Holt sponsored legislation opposing the federal government’s and National Security Agency’s unwarranted surveillance programs. These bills would prohibit state officials from offering any material resource to the National Security Agency’s Oak Ridge-based code-breaking facility.

In 2020, Andy Holt announced that he won’t be seeking re-election. The decision was informed by the Republican’s belief in the idea of term limits, and that the best term limits are the ones that are self-imposed. He guaranteed his supporters that although it would be his last term representing the 76th District, he would continue to be vocal in the political process in Washington and Nashville. Andy Holt hopes to spend his post-office time with his 7 children and wife Ellie Holt. He also hopes he can use his free time to diversify his farm and better his agritourism initiative.…